10 tips to Rank site on Google

If You want to know how to Rank your Site on Google then Today I will prove 10 tips to Rank site on Google that will make hit your site on Google. There are lots of benefits after ranking your site on Google. Your site will get an Identification over the Web. Google Search can Increase the flow of Traffic to your site. Besides these benefits, you can get Organic traffic or hits to your site and you can place Google AdSense ad and earn money. Without rounding topic lets dig into 10 tips to Rank site on Google.

10 tips to Rank site on Google

10 tips to Rank on Google

  1. Research, Choose Perfect and hit Title(Keyword) for Your Content because Title is the most important thing to rank a site on Google.
  2. Consider Adding Some Heading to the Content that is Related to Title So that Google Can catch your site Immediately.
  3. Repeat the Title on The first Paragraph on You content because Google Search Spider first looks Up to the First paragraph of your content.
  4. Add fresh and copyright free content because Google does not rank the site that has copyright content from other sites on the web so, Make your own content.
  5. Make your content Clear, provide proper punctuation to the words and Straightforward to the Title that you are writing content for.
  6. Your content should at least 300 words or more. Large content has greater possibility & chance to rank your site on Google.
  7. Do not write or Post same content Multiple time with the same Title on your site.
  8. Focus on Content or Paragraph rather than Images or Flash.
  9. Make a habit to Add Some other Article Link that is related to your Content and Should have perfect ending & roll-up of your Article or Content.
  10. At last, but Plays Important role to rank site on Google i.e Share your site on Social Networking like; Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter. They are the perfect platform to drive Traffic to your site and Rank on Google.

These are simple and Easy 10 tips to the Rank site on Google. If You want full step by step tutorial to Setup your site on Google Search Console and Ranking Faster then Let me Know in the Comment Section I will Guide for you. Please check On Page SEO tutorial for more.

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