Best Linux distro

best linux distro main

Choosing Best Linux distro is a bit confusing task since there are many Linux distros. Here, in this article I will be sharing my personal thought on Best Linux distro for you. First of all, what is best for you? Let me guess Best Linux distro on your case might be on performance and a bit appearance. Using different Linux distros I came to the conclusion that Ubuntu MATE is Best Linux distro in mankind. Ubuntu MATE Ubuntu MATE is free and open-source Linux which features MATE Desktop. The main…

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How to browse web anonymously?

how to browse web anonymously

In this article you will get answer to the question How to browse web anonymously? Browsing Internet anonymously is quite impossible for normal people. Websites and ISP may track you on millions of ways like they may track you while downloading documents and opening plug-in dependent content like flash. So your identity might be exposed. If you want to hide your identity and want to be an anonymous user then this article is for you. There are many article and program who make fake commitment for making your identity anonymous…

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