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Choosing Best Linux distro is a bit confusing task since there are many Linux distros. Here, in this article I will be sharing my personal thought on Best Linux distro for you. First of all, what is best for you? Let me guess Best Linux distro on your case might be on performance and a bit appearance. Using different Linux distros I came to the conclusion that Ubuntu MATE is Best Linux distro in mankind.

Ubuntu MATE

best linux dsitro ui

Ubuntu MATE is free and open-source Linux which features MATE Desktop. The main differences between Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE is that: Ubuntu GNOME whereas Ubuntu MATE uses MATE desktop. MATE Desktop is very smooth and features very high and snappy performance for the application. Also MATE Desktop environment is very beautiful in my personal experience as per the RAM consumption. If you are the Ubuntu User the layout is quite similar to the older release instead of new short term releases. Using so less RAM I am quite surprised that How it can provide the beautiful and snappy Interface? but thanks to the MATE Desktop. I have included the RAM usages records from the Ubuntu MATE official website.

best linux distro

As from the picture data above we can see that the three versions of MATE Desktop takes nearly 353-358.4 MB. Mate Desktop 1.14.1 consumes less RAM among all i.e 351.7 which is packed on Ubuntu MATE 16.10. Above data might be old but considering the RAM usages will be helpful.

Ubuntu MATE comes with latest essentials applications like: VLC, LibreOffice, Firefox & Software Boutique which features thousands of applications. Lots of UI tweaking tools are preloaded on MATE so that customization will be easy for you. You can also get MAC like interface just by using PLANK dock bar and some white faint theme that are available on UI tweak tool.

This article is totally based on my personal experience. If you like this article consider Sharing and comment below so that I will know you are there to shout out!!

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