How to browse web anonymously?

In this article you will get answer to the question How to browse web anonymously? Browsing Internet anonymously is quite impossible for normal people. Websites and ISP may track you on millions of ways like they may track you while downloading documents and opening plug-in dependent content like flash. So your identity might be exposed. If you want to hide your identity and want to be an anonymous user then this article is for you. There are many article and program who make fake commitment for making your identity anonymous but they failed. I will guide your about an application called ‘Tor’ which will allow you to access web anonymously. Accessing web without tracking by ISP and other website is possible with this application. After reading this article you won’t be normal people.

how to browse web anonymously

Tor is browser or you can say the hops of the anonymous community. Tor stands for ‘The Onion route’ means that as like onion has many layers and it hides the actual inner part of the shell. Just like onion layers ‘Tor’ also has many layers that helps to hide your identity and saves you from exposing to the web. Tor establishes the multiple IP address connection to browse single web, it will make more than 4 route and different IP address. Every time you browse the Web you will access the web from different IP address. ‘Tor’ access the web indirectly instead of direct calling to the server.Clearly you can understand tor network from the following picture.

how to browse web anonymously tor network

Now, let’s start the real game of hiding your identity with Tor browser. First you need to download the application called Tor browser from the link below.

Download Tor Browser

After downloading you should install and configure the network when it asks and you are ready to go.

You will get following Interface of tor browser which is similar to Firefox.

how to browse web anonymously tor browser

     You should be carefully and keep in mind the following while using Tor Browser:

  • Tor will hide only hide the identity when you browse Internet from the Tor only. No other applications like: Skype will able to hide your identity.
  • Do not open any documents and install plug-in like flash and online media player. They may track you and collect your data.
  • Use Tor browser in the default windows mode. Don’t maximize the browser from the default one because maximizing the screen and browser window size may collect your monitor and other data.
  • Only use HTTPS site over HTTP. HTTPS site are more secure for your identity since they do not leak any information to others and encryption is mandatory for these type of site.


Find this article helpful. Stick with me, and let me know if you want full tutorial for using Tor browser and Deep Web separately. Till then check out my other Tech Related articles from below links:

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