Best Code Editor

best code editor1

Code Editors are the program that provide the platform to code developers efficiently. With the much modern technology Code Editor provides lots of Intelligence features to the developer to make easy coding. Auto completion of code and Syntax highlights are common example of Intelligence feature of modern Code Editor. Without rounding further lets dig into the Topic i.e Best Code Editor. I can say that Best Code Editor is Sublime Text Editor from my personal experience of using Sublime for more than 2 years. I am really happy using Sublime.   Best…

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How to browse web anonymously?

how to browse web anonymously

In this article you will get answer to the question How to browse web anonymously? Browsing Internet anonymously is quite impossible for normal people. Websites and ISP may track you on millions of ways like they may track you while downloading documents and opening plug-in dependent content like flash. So your identity might be exposed. If you want to hide your identity and want to be an anonymous user then this article is for you. There are many article and program who make fake commitment for making your identity anonymous…

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Is Windows 10 ugly?

windows 10 ugly

Are you using Windows 10 then you might be worried about the performance and looks. Is Windows 10 ugly? Let’s start find and go though the history. Is Windows 10 ugly? Since, childhood I am using windows. Windows was really great on everything like: on the performance, visual looks, animation and little customization. When Windows 7 released I got really excited about looks and performance over Windows XP and my excitement worth it. Windows 7 is great till now because of its performance and looks. It has great real life…

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Top 3 video player for windows

top 3 video player for windows

There are many video player for windows. Choosing a right video player might be bit confusing because of so many video players. To find best video player for windows keep reading article. In this article, I will list and discuss the features the top 3 video player for windows so that you can easily choose right video player among Top 3 video player for windows. I have listed all video player on the basis of my personal experience and use. Top 3 video player for windows VLC media player. Media…

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