Chrome’s New Look

Hello everyone, This article is to share something about Chrome’s New Look. Recently, Google made some changes to Google Chrome. The new UI or looks is somehow similar to Microsoft Edge Browser. This look isn’t default activated but you have to do some steps explicitly. The new look of Google Chrome isn’t so much different but it feels nice to use. It is a better-polished design following a material design concept. So, I completely loved this design and made it to default settings. I think you guys must give a try to new look believe me it looks nice than older looks of Google Chrome.

Chrome New Looks

Chrome’s New Look

To activate new in Google Chrome, you should follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have the latest Chrome if not then check for update and make it updated.
  2. Hit this “chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md” code in browser URL address bar. Discard the apostrophes.
  3. Now, You will see some setting options like “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome”. At the right side, there is a dropdown list to select other features. Now click on default and list appear then select “Refresh” to activate the new UI or looks to the chrome.Chrome New Looks
  4. Now the new look activated to the chrome but you have to relaunch the chrome. After the above step, you should get chrome pop-up message like this: ‘Relaunch chrome’. Click on that button.Chrome New Looks
  5. Now after relaunching chrome, you will get new Looks to Google Chrome earlier than others.
  6. Sometimes you may get Blue light filter i.e night light in New look. You can fix that issue with simple steps.
  7. To fix this issue hit this “chrome://flags/#force-color-profile” in URL address bar i.e the color tweaking tools. You will get this Chrome New Looks
  8. Now on the Force Color profile, there is the Default option selected. Click on that and select it to sRGB.
  9. Now again restart the Chrome and Enjoy this new looks applied to Google Chrome.

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