Hacking apps on Android

This article covers Hacking apps on Android. I have listed some of hacking apps on Android based on my experience and a bit research. Let’s begin.

hacking apps on android

Hacking apps on Android list:

  1. WiFi kill
  2.  zANTI
  3. APKInspector
  4. Fing Nework Scanner
  5. USB Cleaver

1. WiFi kill

WiFi kill apps features lots of function for tweaking WiFi. It is a great hacking tool for the hackers. You must have a rooted Android phone for using this app. Actually, this app can grab traffic information of other devices connected to same network. You can view the internet usages of other devices. For doing this you should be connected to the same network. It also display the name of other devices connected to the network. Containing these features this app has so simple interface, anyone can use this Hacking app easily. You can download this app with the link below:

Download WiFi kill app here- WiFi kill

2.  zANTI

zANTI comes with multiple hacking tools that are widely used for penetration purposes. This is a reputed android hacking app that provides network mapping, port discovery, packet manipulation, Dos, Sniffing, MITM etc. You can easily block the websites for other network users and also You can get the username and password that are submitted to the websites with just simple monitor tool. I can say that this app can provides power of Backtrack on your Android phone. You just need to login and every tools will be displayed and simple You can play with the network. Check out the download link of zANTI app below:

Download zANTI here – zANTI

3. APKInspector

This app will allows you to perform reverse engineering. You can easily break the apk and get the code and files easily. You ca simply say that It is a reverse process of compiling APK i.e It will generate all the packages and file with codes as they are before compiling to single APK.  APKInspector provides graphic features and analysis function and make easy to use for anyone.

Download APKInspector here- APKInspector

4. Fing Network Scanner

Fing is an simple app that helps us to monitor the connected client to WiFi network. It shows up the device name for easy to tract the devices. You can view IP and Packets data using fing app. Doing this you phone needn’t to be rooted. It also have features to kick and block the desired client from the network.

Download Fing from here- Fing

5. USB cleaver

USB cleaver is a android hacking app that enables the stealing capabilities to the user for information form the connected Windows PCs. You can access browser passwords, WiFi password, Network information and Packets, etc. This app is very easy to use and provides lots of features for hackers.

Download USB cleaver from here- USB cleaver

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Warning : Only perform or use this hacking apps on android if you have permission to do. I am not responsible for the consequences after using this app. This article is for educational purpose only!!.



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