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If you are wondering and searching how to install WordPress on Localhost then this article might be helpful for you. WordPress is an free and opensource content management system i.e CMS based on PHP and MySQL. Initially it was released on May 27, 2003. Till now WordPress has gained so popularity on Dynamic Web Page Management. Most of the News and Dynamic sites are build using WordPress. It has gained popularity because of its snappy and User Interface for Content Management. It also features lots of modules likes: Themes, Plugins, Media, Users. Themes are available on the Theme Store of WordPress and You can easily download it.

Requirements to Install WordPress on Localhost:

  1. Apache Web Server
  2. MySQL
  3. XAMPP(It has all modules for running Local server).

Without rounding further lets, go for the Topic.

Install WordPress on Localhost using following method:

  • Download the WordPress files from this link.
  • Extract all the files in one folder WordPress.
  • Copy that folder to the htdocs of Xampp.

install wordpress on localhost 0

  • Create one database on MySQl using PhpMyadmin.
  • Now, We are ready to go and Setup WordPress on localhost.
  • Go to the browser and go to the link “localhost/WordPress” .

install wordpress on localhost 1

  • Now you will get following Page. Select the language for your page and Click on continue.

install wordpress on localhost 2

  • Now, You will see following page, Check all the required information that will need in further page. Click :let’s go’.

install wordpress on localhost 3

  • Now fill the required Information below. Fill localhost to the host. And fill username and password field. Default database username: root and password: empty. Decide the table prefix that should be given to the each table WordPress will create inside your WordPress database. I have left default for this tutorial.

install wordpress on localhost 4

  • Now Enter site title suitable for you and take an unique username and Choose strong password for your WordPress site. Fill the email in the email field. Now click ‘Install WordPress’.

install wordpress on localhost 4b

  • Now following page will be displayed. Click on ‘Run the install’. Now real installation begin.

install wordpress on localhost 5

  • After some time WordPress will install successfully to your localhost (XAMPP). And following login page will be displayed. Enter your username and password that was created on previous step and login.

install wordpress on localhost 7

  • After login you can see the dashboard of your WordPress site. From here you can manage or create your content.

install wordpress on localhost 8

  • You can visit your site from top left corner of your site name. Hover on that and click on visit site. Here, you have successfully installed WordPress on localhost. You can visit your site at : ‘localhost/wordpress’ and You can access dashboard at: localhost/wordpress/wp-admin.

These are the simple steps to install WordPress on localhost. If you like this article then do not forget to share with friends.

Let me know if you need more tutorial on WordPress.

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