On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template

In this article I will guide you about On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template. First, Let me tell Something about SEO before doing On-Page SEO.


SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free”, “organic”, “natural” search result on search engines. Your site will be Top ranked on Search Engines If you do some sort of tricks with SEO. All the Techie knows the SEO, so that You should do little different SEO techniques or on more smarter way. Now, let’s dig into the topic.

On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template

On-Page SEO Techniques cover all the tricks and ideas that will focused to the content of your site. While doing On-Page SEO main thing is Content.

On-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Research and Add Proper Title to the Post or Content. Consider this Page Title as an Example.
  2. Add Meta Keyword and Description to the Page i.e related to the content. You can add up some short definition to the title.
  3. While writing the main content or body of your article or post do follow below tips.
    • Repeat the Title or Keyword and make use of headline tag or make bold. Just like I have done with this post i.e On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template.
    • Add some appropriate Word or Sentence to you post with including keyword or title word or whole sentence.
    • Make Content clear and straightforward as much as you can that will increase reading time of your user.
    • Make a keyword density of 3% on overall content.
    • Reach 300 words in the Post. Above 300 will be best and help to rank faster on Google or Other Search Engine.
    • Include Internal Link of Your site to the Post. Like, Hey Check my other Tech articles here. or Check How to Setup WordPress on Localhost.
    • Include External Link from Your site that will relevant to the Content. Don’t use If you don’t find helpful link to redirect user to another site. In the case of download you can use this external Link.
    • Make a perfect ending of your post. This is a goodwill that make user to come back to your site to read your articles.
    • At Last Add Some link of Related Post. Just like I have added to this Post at last.

On-Page SEO Techniques Post Template

Title: On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template

Link: Configure Post link as per your title. For e.g. my site is http://premlamsal.com.np now my post link ref to this post should be like http://premlamsal.com.np/on-page-seo-techniques-with-post-templete. You can also remove the stop words but in this case it’s fine.

Meta keyword: On-Page SEO, SEO techniques, SEO Post Templates,

Meta Description: This post will guide you about On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template. …… (Add few lines related to the Title).

Main Content (Body of Article):

In this article I will guide you about On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template. Firstly, Lets Know about SEO. What is SEO?

(Add at least an image in the middle or at very Beginning to the Post). While adding Image, Image alt text should be your title i.e. On-Page SEO Techniques with Post Template.

……All other content here… (Better to Repeat the Title 2 or more times in the content as per the density of 3% to the Content).

If you want to know more about SEO then Click here (Now add your internal Link to this).

Thank you for reading my Post. Check other related articles from below (Add some Related Post links).

Download On-Page SEO Post Template or Sample. Thank you for reading My Blog . Do check other Post from the below link. Stuck on something Smash the Comment Button then.

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