Best Linux distro

best linux distro main

Choosing Best Linux distro is a bit confusing task since there are many Linux distros. Here, in this article I will be sharing my personal thought on Best Linux distro for you. First of all, what is best for you? Let me guess Best Linux distro on your case might be on performance and a bit appearance. Using different Linux distros I came to the conclusion that Ubuntu MATE is Best Linux distro in mankind. Ubuntu MATE Ubuntu MATE is free and open-source Linux which features MATE Desktop. The main…

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How to browse web anonymously?

how to browse web anonymously

In this article you will get answer to the question How to browse web anonymously? Browsing Internet anonymously is quite impossible for normal people. Websites and ISP may track you on millions of ways like they may track you while downloading documents and opening plug-in dependent content like flash. So your identity might be exposed. If you want to hide your identity and want to be an anonymous user then this article is for you. There are many article and program who make fake commitment for making your identity anonymous…

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Top 5 Linux Operating System

top 5 linux operating system

If you are searching for Top 5 Linux Operating System then this article is for you. Here, In this article  I am featuring Top 5 Linux Operating System. Top 5 Linux Operating System Ubuntu Elementary Os Arch Linux Kali Linux Fedora Ubuntu Ubuntu is most popular and beautiful Linux among all the Linux operating System. It provides very good optimization and multitasking supports. It has great Graphical User Interface which makes feel better every time you are using it. The Icon and the Font are really a great combination for better User…

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Alternative to Windows

alternative to windows

Feed up with window and its performance. Loading and lagging to much can frustrate you. Now, its Time to switch to Linux. Linux the Best Alternative to Windows. Linux is an open source operating system based on Unix. Unix is much and more powerful as compared to other operating system and kernel. Linux is free to use and no need to worry about he performance. Linux is better operating system than the windows. Now, In 2018 the Linux is Dad for all operating System since it provides GUI features too. Alternative…

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Is Windows 10 ugly?

windows 10 ugly

Are you using Windows 10 then you might be worried about the performance and looks. Is Windows 10 ugly? Let’s start find and go though the history. Is Windows 10 ugly? Since, childhood I am using windows. Windows was really great on everything like: on the performance, visual looks, animation and little customization. When Windows 7 released I got really excited about looks and performance over Windows XP and my excitement worth it. Windows 7 is great till now because of its performance and looks. It has great real life…

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Hacking apps on Android

hacking apps on android

This article covers Hacking apps on Android. I have listed some of hacking apps on Android based on my experience and a bit research. Let’s begin. Hacking apps on Android list: WiFi kill  zANTI APKInspector Fing Nework Scanner USB Cleaver 1. WiFi kill WiFi kill apps features lots of function for tweaking WiFi. It is a great hacking tool for the hackers. You must have a rooted Android phone for using this app. Actually, this app can grab traffic information of other devices connected to same network. You can view the…

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Top 3 video player for windows

top 3 video player for windows

There are many video player for windows. Choosing a right video player might be bit confusing because of so many video players. To find best video player for windows keep reading article. In this article, I will list and discuss the features the top 3 video player for windows so that you can easily choose right video player among Top 3 video player for windows. I have listed all video player on the basis of my personal experience and use. Top 3 video player for windows VLC media player. Media…

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