Top 3 video player for windows

There are many video player for windows. Choosing a right video player might be bit confusing because of so many video players. To find best video player for windows keep reading article. In this article, I will list and discuss the features the top 3 video player for windows so that you can easily choose right video player among Top 3 video player for windows. I have listed all video player on the basis of my personal experience and use.

Top 3 video player for windows

  1. VLC media player.
  2. Media Player Classic
  3. Gom Player

1. VLC media player :

vlc media player

VLC media player is top ranked and most popular video player for windows. It has simple User interface but is very powerful. It recognize most of the modern as well as old video codec and extension like: MKV, MP4, WMV etc. VLC is complex and features bundles of functions that can match your requirements. You have multiple options of tweaking it with thousands of skin and color. You can also attached logo or watermark to the screen while playing video like channel does. I have done with my VLC media player and this feature is awesome.

Also VLC media player ranks as one of the most popular project on GitHub. Wanna try this media player?

Download VLC media player: CLICK HERE

2. Media Player Classic :

media player classic

Media player classic got position after VLC media player. GOM player is also the great video player. Media player has lots of features of customization of video, filter and sound equalizer. It supports all modern video formats and codec. The GUI is very simple and similar to that of VLC media player. It has very general and common visual style but if you are concern about the performance but not looks and design then this is right video player for you.

Download Media Player Classic: CLICK HERE

3. GOM Player :

gom video player

I think this is the cool video player I have ever seen. GOM player has modern look and design but do not compromise on performance. GOM also supports thousands of formats and codec. You can tweak GOM player by customizing skins and looks. It has one unique features of controlling videos from mobile. You can easily sit back and control this player i.e Play, Pause, Stop, Forward etc from mobile. I often use this feature while watching movies and my mobile works like remote for this player. If you want to try some extra feature rather than just playing video in a traditional then this player is suitable for you.

Download GOM player: CLICK HERE





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