Top 5 Linux Operating System

If you are searching for Top 5 Linux Operating System then this article is for you. Here, In this article  I am featuring Top 5 Linux Operating System.

top 5 linux operating system

Top 5 Linux Operating System

  • Ubuntu
  • Elementary Os
  • Arch Linux
  • Kali Linux
  • Fedora


top 5 linux operating sytem ubuntu

Ubuntu is most popular and beautiful Linux among all the Linux operating System. It provides very good optimization and multitasking supports. It has great Graphical User Interface which makes feel better every time you are using it. The Icon and the Font are really a great combination for better User Interface. Performance wise This OS is sleek and snappy for use. Its comes with loaded software store which enables you to install Software later on and Update as fast as it releases.

Download Ubuntu


Elementary OS

top 5 linux operating sytem elementary os

A fast and open replacement to Windows and Mac based on Ubuntu. You can feel the mac like effects and desktop i.e. dock and widgets. Elementary OS features lots of features like Media Players and Browser pre-installed. Initially it was released at 2011 March 31. It has Pantheon desktop interface based on Top of Gnome environment. Some application of Elementary OS comes with loaded are: Plank, Noise, Gala, Pantheon Terminal, Pantheon Files, Wing Panel.

Download Elementary OS

Arch Linux

top 5 linux operating system arch linux

Arch Linux is simple and lite Linux distribution for x86-64 CPU. It uses the rolling release model so that you can receive the latest software. Arch Linux has large community for support so that you can get to explore more everyday.

Download Arch Linux 


Kali Linux

top 5 linux operating sytem kali linux

You might have known this name frequently. Kali Linux is much popular for programmer and ethical hacker. This Linux provides lots of penetration tools for testing network, hardware, WiFi and website. It is based on top of Gnome Desktop Environment. Kali features lots of customization tools and programs which is very helpful in development.

Download Kali Linux 



top 5 linux operating system fedora

Fedora is mostly known as Fedora workstation.This Linux is also based on GNOME desktop environment. It also provides complete tools for developers and makers of all kinds. Fedora workstation is fast, reliable and user friendly to use. This OS is being sponsored by Red Hat company

Download Fedora


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