What happens when I click to own ads using Tor or VPN

Everyone is concern about one question that What happens when I click to own ads using Tor or a VPN? so, This post is for those who are eagerly waiting to know the consequences of clicking own website Google Ads using Tor or VPN. In this article, I won’t talk about what is Tor or VPN (Know more about TOR). Let’ dig into Topic

What happens when I click to own ads using Tor or a VPN?

Google CPC may vary to countries and content of your website. It also depends on the page views or the organic hits of a website. Low CPC or Income is being faced by many publishers so they might be using Tor or VPN technique to increase CPC or Traffic to their website or content but this method is totally invalid as per Google. Google can count many clicks as one click and other clicks as invalid. In some case, Google may suspend your account for invalid or multiple clicks. Tor uses the different layer for connection so Google might even be confused these is genuine user or not.

VPN also uses different IPs to connect to the internet. If you are using Free VPN then there might be a risk of Invalid Clicks. Many users use the same IP to communicate so Google can count as Invalid click for those IP address. Using Tor or VPN for increasing CPC or AdSense is totally fake and consider as Invalid so do not do that. There will be really bad consequences of clicking own ads using Tor or VPN. If you want to increase the CPC or income of AdSense then you should drive more traffic to your site.

It is so simple to drive traffic to your site just by using Social Media or Link Submission. Social Media Would be effective because your friends will also share the website or webpage which ultimately increase your site traffic. Below link might be helpful for you to Optimizing site for better income or increasing CPC.

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