Which Linux should I choose?

Which Linux should I choose? This question might be somehow difficult to answer but after reading this article you should able to Choose Right Linux for you. Choosing a Right Linux is a very confusing job to do since, there are lots of distribution of Linux. Linux is free and open source Operating System and using Linux is really fun job but a bit Complex on the Starting If You haven’t heard or used previously. Shifting from Windows to Linux will be great Footstep If you are Windows User. Without rounding let’s dig into the Topic

Which Linux should I choose?

Before choosing Right Linux what type of User You ARE? Normal or Hard Core Developer . The choice might be differ to the User.

New or Normal User

If you are Simple or Normal User and don’t do lots of High Level Task like Server Manipulation then UBUNTU will be the Best distribution of Linux for you. Ubuntu is great Operating System that Features Graphical User Interface (GUI) heavily. GUI helps normal user to Use and Tackle with specific function. Ubuntu has also listed as Most Beautiful Linux. It features Multimedia Player and Web Browser pre-installed to make easy to use.

which linux should i choose?

It has software boutique or store from which you can download latest application or software packages. Ubuntu is also best for the User who are newbie to the Linux and want to explore more in Linux. Most of Users aren’t habituated of using Terminal so Ubuntu Provides GUI as well as Terminal & In Complex Situation User do not need to use terminal.

Download Ubuntu from here

Programmer or Developer

If you are Complex Programmer or Developer then Kali Linux will be great choice because It Features lots of tools and packages pre-installed that is needed by the Developer or High End User. Different packages like: Apache or Hacking Tools and Social Engineering Tools are installed previously. It has different Reverse Engineering tools that will help programmer on their work. Kali Linux also features Graphical User Interface of GNOME which makes easier to use.

which linux should i choose?

It is free operating System developed by Offensive Security. Most of people knows Kali Linux as Hacking Distribution but This Linux provides everything Required for Normal and Core Programmer. So, If you are habituated and want to explore more in programming and Hacking then Kali Linux is best for you.

Download Kali Linux from here

Enterprise or Server (Service Provider)

If you are Enterprise Level Person or Service Provider then CentOS or RedHatLinux can be best option for you. Since CentOS is Community Edition and It is free to Use but Red Hat Linux is Enterprise Level Linux and You have to Pay for it. Red Hat provides Enterprise level Services to the User but You have to pay certain amount whereas CentOS can be great Option if you are new to Enterprise Level and Afraid to pay. These Linux provides different services and very Optimized to fit as or in the Server. In the Present Context Most People or Enterprises uses these Linux for e.g. Hosting Provider. You should be using Terminal Rather then GUI in these Linux because of Memory or Other resources concern is prime factor in enterprise level or Server.

which linux should i choose?

Download CentOS from here

Download or Check Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Overall All Linux Are Same since they Uses Same Unix Kernel but Some Distribution is baked for special and Point purpose and target so Choosing Right Linux is Concern. I hope You Got the Answer to the Question Which Linux should I choose? and You choose the Linux that Meet You need. Thank you for reading this article. Find other Tech related articles from Link Below:


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