Is Windows 10 ugly?

Are you using Windows 10 then you might be worried about the performance and looks. Is Windows 10 ugly? Let’s start find and go though the history.

windows 10 ugly

Is Windows 10 ugly?

Since, childhood I am using windows. Windows was really great on everything like: on the performance, visual looks, animation and little customization. When Windows 7 released I got really excited about looks and performance over Windows XP and my excitement worth it. Windows 7 is great till now because of its performance and looks. It has great real life visual effect and Personally I found Windows 7 is the best for Home and Office users.

Everything was working great but windows releases the new windows 8. This time I was on double excitement about the windows 8 but It made me sad. Windows removed all the Aero effect on Taskbar, Title bar and also they removed the blur effect on the top. They removed every real life effect and colors tweaks. But, one thing I love about Windows 8 is the app split feature and metro apps concept. After using windows 8 for 1 week I found it is really worst windows ever i.e system failure every time and hardware fail. Finally, they provide the update over windows 8 to windows 8.1.  Windows 8.1 is somehow better than Windows 8. Since, I miss the windows 7 Aero effect and that real life looks but performance wise windows 8.1 is great.

Everything working fine and the new windows 10 got released. Windows announces windows 10 as the massive update of software on mankind ever. But, actually It was bad and ugly operating system I have ever seen. The hardware compatibility goes to 0%. I didn’t found any new and old hardware working fine on windows 10. Even on the performance it is 50% less then previous version of windows.It is much RAM consuming operating system. Video rendering problem and many more.

Finally, After the 1 month of use I rollback to Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is better than Windows 10 on my personal experience. I think design and performance is very bad on Windows 10. First, thing I found really bad about Windows 10 is Looks (Visual Effect). They composed windows 10 with dead visual effect. No, color and totally Opaque looks which I found really ugly about windows 10. Going through the looks, the Title bar white color actually disturbs me. The 100% white and opaque Title bar makes strain on eyes and makes harder to use for longer period. Also, I hate the totally white Windows Explorer.

What happen Microsoft? Learn something from android. Android has so natural real life visual and performance wise Android is better in even small & reduced processor. Windows 10 also lacks the color customization on Task bar as well. They make comeback to the start menu but this was the mistake on windows 8 and they make some correction over 8.1 and finally they make start menu that was before on Windows XP layout. Windows also lags the optimization features. Comparing 4 GB RAM on Windows machine and MAC. MAC even manages the RAM usages better than the Windows does. Great hardware need great and optimized software otherwise it sucks. Windows should learn from the other operating system.

What do you thing Is Windows 10 ugly? or not. Let me know in the comment section. This article is based on my personal experience. I am not biased on anything.

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